Estate Planning and the Bible

Matthew 5:5
Blessed are the meek,
for they shall inherit the earth.


In a modern context, the word meek means quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on, or submissive. However, to fully understand Jesus’s meaning from the famous sermon on the mount, we should also look at the word in multiple languages. The Hebrew word for meek is anaw, meaning someone who bares weighty burdens. In Greek, prautes, connotates a total lack of self-pride. Meek means more than how it is typically referred to in a present setting. In order to fully embody the meek quality, we should renounce pride and understand that we are rewarded for our hardest battles as we “inherit the earth.”

We look to these guiding words as we discuss the importance of estate planning. One’s own inheritance or the status of one’s estate can invoke many difficult moments that inspire courage. Talking with your parents or children about this subject requires both knowledge and consideration. Remaining meek in these moments is of utmost importance.

While some people decide to open up a conversation after big life changes such as illness or an addition to the family, the best time for an important financial conversation is in a timely and thoughtful manner. In December of 2020, 43% of investors between 50 and 64 have neither a written will nor written estate plans. This percentage reaches 17% of those 65 and older. We are not promised tomorrow, but 40% of investors either don’t talk to their parents about estate planning, dread the talk, or avoid it.

When the time is right, some key topics to discuss include:

  • Overall estate plan
  • Net-worth statement
  • Family business decisions (if applicable)
  • Power of attorney
  • Power of attorney for healthcare
  • Power of attorney for digital assets
  • Trust

Whether inheriting a tiny penny that was cherished by a grandparent or the whole earth, meekness will inform that blessing.  The future is in God’s hands, but when we follow His truth, we become mighty. We are able to bare heavy burdens, including conversations, because his strength is in us.



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