Retirement and the Bible

Numbers 8:23-26
GOD spoke to Moses: “These are your instructions regarding the Levites: At the age of twenty-five they will join the workforce in the Tent of Meeting; at the age of fifty they must retire from the work. They can assist their brothers in the tasks in the Tent of Meeting, but they are not permitted to do the actual work themselves. These are the ground rules for the work of the Levites.”

The tribe of Levi, or Levites, were blessed with the priesthood. Moses is one of the most notable of the Levites. Their inheritance was the presence of the Lord, and for this, they aren’t considered part of the twelve tribes of Israel. They oversaw the operations in the Tabernacle, a tent where God would dwell among his people. These priests have a distinct timeframe for their lives. They enter work at twenty-five as apprentices, and then at fifty, they retire from their work. Retirement isn’t entirely a new cultural concept; it is an instruction from God for some people.

Even though this particular idea of retirement is ancient, the modern equivalent didn’t become popular until the late 19th century. The lifespan of the average person increased, so changes in the workforce were necessary. Germany was one of the first places to institute government policies on the subject. In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act.

Many people rely on social security to help them through retirement. You can start receiving your social- security retirement benefits as early as age 62. You are entitled to full benefits when you reach your full retirement age, FRA, which ranges from 66-67 based on when you were born. (This is typically confused with 65. Which is the year you become eligible for Medicare.) Regardless of your FRA, your payment will be higher the longer you wait to apply, up until age 70. When you work, you earn credits. If you stop work for a period of time and resume, you will have credits continue to add up as you work. Social Security retirement benefits are not subject to income tax, unlike withdrawals from a traditional IRA account.

Many will rely on Social Security to be their main source of income in retirement, while some will continue working. Currently, multiple older Americans are working already. They either haven’t stopped working or returned to work after retirement. Based on a survey by resume builder, 12% of retired Americans are likely to start working again next year. This is primarily caused by high price of living and inflation at 61% while 34% percent of people that responded said they didn’t have enough funds for retirement. Two – thirds of those retirees are concerned about age bias affecting their prospects.

Retirement may be in God’s plan for you. The work may end, but the spiritual growth never will. Everyday our spirit is renewed. We have an obligation to continue to do good, despite changes in the physical world. Check out our guide on Social Security and Medicare here.
Check out our guide on Social Security and Medicare here

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